Subscribe to monthly short lessons and improve your drawing and painting skills by watching detailed tutorial videos. 

+ Every month I will add between 2-3 short video courses that you will be able to watch and learn from. These courses are also available to purchase individually, but by subscribing you will have access to all my short courses.

+ Each lesson will be at least 1.5 hours long.

+ You can follow the demonstration and listen to my explanation as it guides you through the entire drawing or painting process.

+ You will be able to download the same reference photo that I am working on during each lesson.

+ You will have access to material sheets for all the lessons.

+ You will be able to comment on lessons to ask questions and engage with your fellow students.

After starting your 7 day free trial, you will have access to any of the short courses listed in my catalogue.

I made this subscription package as a way to catalogue and share recordings of all my past live online workshops.

  • This means that there will always be a steady stream of new, fully narrated content
  • Some topics will be covered multiple times but the subjects will always be new.
  • The feel of lessons will be unique as every set of students brings their own energy to each workshop.

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7 day free trial then £10/month

Monthly Subscription

A great way to get additional support while working through your monthly lessons is to book in regular 1-1 mentorship sessions. We will be able to go through problems that you are facing in your work and build your strengths as an artist.

Sessions are held online via Skype/Zoom/Hangouts so you can get support from anywhere in the world.

Find out more about mentorship.